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Our flexible structure allows you to mix & match which of our services will best help your social media plans.

  -  Idea & Conceptual Development

  -  Monthly Content Creation Services

  -  Publishing & Social Seeding

  -  Monthly or Annual Full Service

expertly made.

Our team all come from experienced backgrounds in media and have now focused their talent on social media. We’re lucky to work with people that have history in the:-

  • Advertising Industry
  • Digital & Interactive Design Industry
  • Computer Games Industry
  • Visual Effects Industry
  • TV Advert Production
  • Broadcast Animation Sector & in
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Photography

Their award winning skills feed directly into our ability to put an online audience’s needs first.

made micro.

Our production team place their focus on drawing eyeballs to quality content - all while putting your marketing strategy first. We can deliver:

  -  Motion Design Video

2D Animation

3D Animation

Stop Motion


  -  Live Action Filming

Video Editing

Studio Filming

Location Filming

Mobile Device Filming

  -  Static Imagery




Artworking & Design

  -  Sonic Branding

Bespoke Music

Sound Design

Audio Post Production

Voice Over Services

  -  Web Development


Custom Ideas

Interactive Micro-sites

Countdown Calendars

made simple.

Can we post content for you? Absolutely!

We can also match your brand’s message to talent on social media that have thousands or even millions of followers.

We carefully use implicit techniques to make sure you’re not seen as spam, but as memorable.

We can:-

  • Post content intelligently
  • Talk to your audience for you
  • Help you grow your community
  • Do subtle cross-overs with brands
  • Connect you to influential social talent
Our service,

Our service is designed to be cost effect and is led by delivering you a Return On your Investment. It has been created with flexibility that allows our partnerships to grow or shrink depending on your business goals.

For you, we can:-

  • Develop a social marketing strategy
  • Develop a campaign or micro-content concepts
  • Focus on creating better monthly content
  • Or provide you with a monthly, full service